Each year, the school district of Greenville County allocates $15,000 to Greenville High School for it’s athletic program.  All other funding for the athletic program comes form the income generated from the gates collected at our athletic events. This is where the Booster Club comes in – we provide additional funding and support to meet the needs of All GHS Sports. 

For the 2016-2017 year, the following budget has been requested by the GHS administration and approved by the Booster Club.

       Coaches Supplements---$33,275 (based on 2015-16)

       Uniforms --------------------- $10,000 per year

       Fields ------------------------- $10,000 per year

       Transportation -------------- $10,000 per year

       Total for these items =  $63,275 per year

Description of items:

Coaching Supplements- Are necessary to help the athletic department pay for extra coaches that the School District does not provide. Greenville High has the highest percentage of students participating in sports in the district. The athletic department and booster club believe that all of our athletes deserve high quality training. In order to have a successful athletic department, that provides the best opportunity for all of our student athletes, the booster club needs to provide the funds to hire additional coaches.

Uniforms- With 40 different teams (23 Varsity) at GHS the cost to outfit these teams is on the rise each year. With your support, the GHS Athletic Department and Booster Club can purchase uniforms on a three-year rotational basis for all varsity teams so that each team would not have to raise their own money to spend on uniform needs.

Fields- Greenville HS has the best facilities in the district. The cost to maintain our fields grows each year. The district does not provide money for the proper upkeep of any fields. To maintain our playing and practice fields to a level of proper conditioning and safety, it is very important that the GHS Athletic Department and Booster Club work together to give our athletes and coaches the best facilities that we can.

Transportation- GHS is very fortunate to have its own bus fleet. With that said, we do have some older buses that require maintenance on a yearly basis. To help with the cost of maintaining our bus fleet, the GHS Athletic Department is asking for the Booster Club to help pay to maintain the buses.